Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finally a nice (and productive) weekend!

So I got a lot done yesterday. Hung out with my sister and did some shopping, got my glasses fixed and did all my puppy errands!

Target wasn't as exciting as I hoped. They only had two of the shoes I was looking for and only one style had my size. I guess it's not a bad thing. I ended up getting the Pam Wedge in gold (similar here, almost the same here, cute option here) I also got a hair straightener since I lost mine in transit when I went to Dallas about a month ago. I've had good luck with cheap straighteners from Target so I didn't bother getting a pricey one. Online there is a similar Conair straightener that supports breast cancer awareness which I didn't see until now. Hopefully the one I got works but if not I'll exchange it for that one.

I also grabbed a cheap garbage can (with lid!) to store the pups food in. I intend to make a trip to Michael's today to get some crafty things and glam it up. Most likely a decal and some puff paint. I'll upload a picture once I'm done.

After Target came the mall where I got my glasses fixed up (for free). The guy who helped me told me to come in next time as soon as my glasses started feeling loose because once they're likely to come unscrewed and get bent. Who knew? I also went to the shoe dept (surprise surprise) and was planning on getting these Purple Palmetto Toms which were really cool but since every pair looked different and I had to order them in my size I went with Classic Red Toms. I figured they would be easier to match with.

Then came Marshall's where I got a floral maxi dress for $20!! (similar looks here and here) and a patterned romper (similar here, here and a super cute Marc one here) and a GREAT pair of wedges from steve madden but I can't find them online. The closest I found were these and there are these which are a reverse version but very cute.

I'm off to the reservoir with my pup and my man. It's so nice out here and I plan on taking advantage of it!

stay glam kiddies!

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