Thursday, August 2, 2012

Latest Purchase- Quilted Crossbody

So this post may or may not be another one where I told you what I bought over the last weekend. If you're asking how I am always buying things and am somehow not broke, I'll let you in on a secret: I'm mostly broke, and I'm a discount fiend. In fact I think I will make my next post "where, when and how to shop for cheap stuff but look awesome." Perf.

I'm focusing on one particular item that I bought over the weekend and am SO glad I did. Quick background story- I go to Boston to hang out with my best friend and run this 5k. I find out my girlfriend that I went to school with who is super fabulous and works for Kiss 108 (radio station) is going to be working a Booze Cruise that Saturday night. So Friday night we go to Marshalls to find a white tank to run in and I find this AMAZING Calvin Klein cross body. It's $60 which I realize is a great deal but I decided to put it on hold. Saturday comes and we run and get back and get cleaned up and we're getting short on time when I realize I NEED this bag. So in a torrential downpour we rush to Marshalls, get the bag and I am grateful and fabulous the rest of the night!

Here is the bag, and the outfit I wore it with. And also my darling best friend.


Here are some similar ones with varying price ranges-

Black Quilted Bags

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