Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nautical Tuesday

I got a new pair of boat shoes over the weekend and I felt like doing the nautical look. (If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram you probably have seen them and if you don’t follow me on twitter and/or instagram totally do it! @easypeasyglam) Sorry the pictures are dark, my guy was having some photography issues.


I got my shoes at Marshalls (on sale!). I got my blazer at H&M and my shirt at Forever 21, both about a year ago. I’m not sure where I got my linen pants but there are some on here on Alloy that are very similar (and on sale). Below is my polyvore version to which I added anchor earrings and a sand dollar necklace. I actually have a sand dollar necklace that I planned on wearing today but I was running late. Surprise surprise. That also explains why my hair is a mess. *NOTE: if you can tell my hair is tinted green, ignore it. Some crazy woman dumped green powder on me at the color run and I’m having issues with washing it out. 
I also had mint nails from the weekend that I showed off! Thanks to my lovely bestie and host for letting me use it, I'm on a mission to find a bottle of my own and when you do I'll be sure to let you know!

Nautical Fun Day


  1. Really cute outfit, I especially love your shoes! I'd love to wear something like this but it's just too hot here in south Texas. -_-'

    1. Thanks! I was super excited about my shoe purchase :) And linen pants are super thin! You'd be surprised. But there are linen shorts too and you could definitely wear the outfit without the blazer.