Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day of Dads

When holidays start creeping up I typically jump right online and virtually shop for everyone on my list. Inevitably my dad, uncles and boyfriend’s dad are the hardest people to shop for. Of course when Father’s Day comes up I kind of freak out. So in an attempt to keep myself on track and maybe help you out a bit I put together this easy list of last minute ideas of what to get for the Dad’s in your life.

1.       Concert/Event/Sports Tickets

  • Check live nation, ticket master, and stub hub for tickets. My boyfriend and his sister got tickets for them and their parents to see Bruce Springsteen play at Fenway. Especially awesome since dad's favorite team is the Sox!

2.       Media/Gadget Stuff

  • Going to stores like BrookstoneFYE, and Best Buy you can find the latest tech gear. Keep in mind that doesn't mean you have to spend a ton- iPhone cases, game controllers/add-ons, and music and DVDs are cheap enough that it won't break the bank (which I'm sure your Dad wouldn't want anyway)

3.       Outdoorsy Things

  • Stuff like grilling sets, gardening tools, or drills and such are all great gifts (if your Dad likes that kind of stuff) Not only are the tools important but so is the organization- handy places to keep all his man-stuff is pretty useful

4.       Home(or semi-home)made

  • This is where the creative side kicks in. Things like "coupons" for chores, help and activities are great, or a certificate with the same idea. Another great idea is a framed photo from when you were a kid and a similar one of when your Dad was that age. (I may do that!)
If you want to check online and pay for express shipping, gifts.com have a ton of great ideas. I actually got this Grill Daddy Grill Cleaner for my dad since we got him a new grill last year and he despises cleaning it.

There are a million things to get Dad's but they are the hardest people to buy for! I mean you could always get him a restaurant gift certificate and an iPad. 

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