Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rainy Wednesdays

We’ve had rain here EVERY Wednesday for the past 5 weeks. This Wednesday was no exception. I tend to get pretty upset when I can’t wear heels so finding rain boots I liked was difficult. I actually got very lucky and found a pair of Patent Marc By Marc Jacobs (my favorite!) boots that aren’t really rain boots, but they’re waterproof and calf height so they work wonderfully for most rainy days. Unfortunately they are sold out at DSW and it seems like that is the only place that they were sold!

Here are a pair of actual rainboots from Marc at DSW that are super cute tho.

If I hadn’t found those boots when I did I would have bought a pair of Hunter rainboots in graphite or royal purple (vermillion is a great color too) in the ‘Original Tall’ High Gloss style. Here is the official website but I would have bought them from Nordstorm.

Here are a bright option that are very cute from Sperry and here are a leopard print pair that would look great with a black trench raincoat.

For a rain boot with a not-so-obvious look, Hunter sells this ‘Cece’ rain boot which I love in black/café (on left).

TIP: Something I’ve learned the hard way- if you’re going to buy something expensive, or inexpensive really, if they have it available at Nordstorm, GET IT THERE! They have amazing customer service and what they sell they stand behind. I hate the horror stories people have about returns like buying a $150 pair of shoes and having a strap break but because you wore them you can’t return/exchange them.

Try and keep your hair, satin blouses (which I stupidly wore today) and socks dry and remember- just because it’s rainy doesn’t mean you can’t look glamorous!

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