Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Day Without Heels

Today was terrible! Besides the fact that it was a million degrees and humid and only Thursday, I forgot to change my shoes. I know it sounds trivial but it was awful. Backstory: I got dressed this morning and then took the dog out for her morning walk. I threw on my red toms (which I love and you can find them here) because walking the dog in heels is obnoxious. So I get back from the walk, put my pup in her crate, and head out of door with my guy, my purse and coffee. We get to the garage and get in my guys car (we work together) and he asks, "No heels today?" WORST. He then locked the car door "so we wouldn't be late" and I couldn't run back into the apartment. Cruel and unusual punishment in my opinion. LUCKILY my toms went with my outfit. Sort of. They we're the right color anyway. To make up for my lack of fashion and height I bought 3 pairs of heels today. 

That was a bit of a long explanation to tell you why I bought 3 pairs of shoes but I needed to vent.

These Elastic Strap Wedges (left), from Baker's for the Fourth of July (only$20!) These Mint and Wood Heels (center) from Lulu's. And these Neon Pink Heels from Shoe Dazzle (*you have to sign up for shoe dazzle to get the shoes but it's free and you get 20% off your first item!)

I really like these Coral Platform Booties (left) too which are also from Lulu's but I'm not sure if I would wear them once I got them. I may order them tomorrow. Either way they're super cute.

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