Thursday, June 14, 2012

Casual Friday

I thought I'd try out the outfit picture post. Casual Friday isn't really an event in my office. We're pretty casual everyday but this is a great casual outfit for work or for a lunch date on a weekend or since it's so comfy, swap the heels for flats and run all those errands that I typically leave until Sunday night. I also loved this outfit because most it cost under $30! That is mostly because my best friend gave me the jeans and my sister gave me the shirt. BUT the jeans I'm wearing are here from Express (which is having a sale by the way) and right now they're buy one get one 50% off!

I'm wearing a mint layered top and although I'm not sure where it's from I do know mint is everywhere! Here is a very close option and here is another one I really like.

My sweater is from Urban Behavior from a few years ago but this one seems like it would be similar in weight (mines very thin) This would also be a cute option. I really like that coral color with mint, but you don't want too many ruffles or you'll look wider than you want to.

The shoes I have on in this picture are the ones I wore to the wedding over Memorial Day Weekend. They're sold out but I posted some options in Back From Outerspace 

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