Monday, June 18, 2012

Fashion DIY- Color Block Belt

Here is another DIY and a great solution to a problem I have. I have an annoying number of skinny brown belts in my closet from pairs of shorts, dresses and skirts that I bought. If you know what I'm talking about, you'll know most of them look very cheap and I usually just use the skinny belts I bought separately. This is an easy way to revamp a belt!

Here's what I started with: 

**I used sparkly string because I love sparkles, but you could do any color combo!

Step 1: krazyglue the first color string to the back of the belt, wait until it dries

Step 2: wrap the string around the belt keeping it pretty tight

Step 3: krazyglue the top half of the back belt and stick the string there until it's dry (this is just to make things easier on you) and tie a knot with the next color you want to use

Step 4: krazyglue the knot and the first wrap of the new color then start the process again

Step 5: when you reach the holes, you can stop as pictured or keep going (I kept going) If you chose to stop just krazyglue the strand to the back and you're done!

Step 6: if you keep going wrap up to the hole or holes you will want to leave available and glue the strand before the hole and cut the string

Step 7: krazyglue on the other side of the hole and start the process again

Step 8: when you reach the end, krazyglue the last 1/4 in and wrap til you can't anymore


And now you have a glam belt to wear with a fun summer outfit! (Excuse my creepy boyfriend in the background)

**I just want to warn you- this takes a while and it's pretty tedious. I suggest putting in a good movie and wrap while you watch or sit outside and soak up some sun. I did both.

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  1. This belt is AMAZING!!! You did an awesome job and what a great idea!! I love the sparkly thread!