Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bro-Out Birthday

Over my long weekend we celebrated my best friend's boyfriend's birthday. His name is Jim (although she calls him Chim) and he is the pickiest eater I've ever met. So when she was trying to figure out what kind of cake to get him she was kind of stumped. I had seen a beer "cake" on pinterest (if you aren't already on the site- get. on. it.) and told her about it and she loved the idea! So while the boys went golfing, the girls decorated and made the "cake." Since it was a surprise party and the closest store is 20 minutes away we improvised a bit on the "ingredients."

We used:
•18 regular 12oz cans
•streamers (only about a yard)
•2 cardboard pieces (the ones that separate the top and bottom levels of a 30 rack of beer)
•a package of party horns

I didn't have any service so I couldn't look up the exact directions so I decided to wing it.

We put 10 beers at the first tier and then ripped one of the cardboard pieces into a circle to make the second tier more stable. We then put 5 beers on the second tier and ripped the second cardboard piece and put in on the second tier and added 3 beers to finish the top tier.
We then cut streamers to go around each tier and taped them in back.
With the remaining cardboard we made the candle and personalized touches and then put the party horns in between the cans in front.
And voila! A perfect cake for the guy who hates cake and loves beer!


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