Monday, July 23, 2012

My Weekend Purchases

I’m not a big drinker (besides my pinot noir during din) but I ended up drinking a bit much on Friday night. Then was hungover all day on Saturday until around 7pm. Embarrassing, I know. But it didn’t stop me from shopping. My girlfriend and I stopped at a few key places- Nordstrom, H&M, J. Crew and Urban Outfitters. Here is what I got!

Since I was hungover, I think I was in comfy style mode. Starting with these amazing pants (left)! I loveeee them and they are totally perfect for a casual day! (I almost got  this but like I said I was hungover and drawn to comfort)

This J. Crew shirt for my guy which comes with a quick story- our lovely puppy chewed through the bag of clothes that were to be brought to the dry cleaners and ripped though this shirt. I was SO mad because I LOVE it. We originally got it at a J. Crew factory store but I saw this one had had to buy it. (also it was 15% off since I had a student I.D.!)

And this h&m 
sweater- again with the comfy style. The color of this caught my eye and the feel 
sold it. it’s thinner so perfect for throwing over leggings and boots (maybe the Pink and Pepper ones I just ordered from DSW!)

And these sunnies!! I didn’t bring my Marc sunnies out which I normally have with me everywhere I go but when I saw these at Urban Outfitters I wasn’t so mad. How fun right?

Was it a big shopping weekend for anyone else? 

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