Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Today is another outfit post. The issue is- my boyfriend takes awkward pictures so that they look disproportionate and I've tried to get him to fix his picture taking but it's a work in progress. ANYWAY ignoring the awkward proportions of my pictures, here is my outfit for the day (aka OOTD- just learned what that meant) I've worn both these items before but we woke up late and I am kinda obsessed with this shirt. It's from T.J. Maxx but you can find a similar one here (on sale) or here, love this leopard collared one.

The pencil skirt is from H&M and you can find similar ones
here (on sale) and here. One thing my guy did right in his photography is catch my arm candy- I also featured both of these in previous posts but you can find them here and here and similar styles here, here, here and here. My sunglasses are from yesterday's post, bought at Urban Outfitters

My heels are from Marshall's (for $12 about a year ago) but here and here (on sale) you can find similar ones and here is a white version, and here is a wedge version I really like. 

Also- when I was looking for similar bracelets to my Michael Kors one, I found this bracelet... and ordered it.

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