Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Glam Wine Gift

I know I’ve been away the past few days- it was a difficult and busy weekend but I’m back!

I was visiting with my best friend in Boston. She’s had a kind of up and down month and we decided to take up wine skyping (aka skyping and drinking wine- I highly recommend it). So the first time we wine skyped I bought a bottle of Relax wine since my constant advice to her is “just relaxxxxx!”. You usually see it in Riesling but I prefer red wine and when saw this red bottle I knew that it would work great, and it did! So when I found out I was going to be visiting I wanted to get her a little something to help her “Relax” and bought her a bottle. I thought about just putting it in a cute wine bag but I have a ton of glitter and jewels and I figured I’d try something new.

I used self stick jewels, Recollections "Fine Glitter", Mod Podge, I started with the bottle and just to get all the wine store dust off I wiped it clean with a dry paper towel. Keep in mind you can use any wine or liquor bottle for that matter!

Now I’m going to ask you to do as I say not as I do because I got over excited about jewels and did those first. DON’T! it made the bottle messier than I liked and I had to do touch ups and it was a pain. SO tape off the label and the top of the bottle (use masking or painters tape if it’s around. If not, scotch tape works ok which is what I used). Take a sponge brush and Mod Podge sections at a time then sprinkle the red glitter over it. Do as much of the inside as you can and let dry (-if you have the time. I didn’t so I went right to the next step)

Mod Podge as close to the tape as possible and try not to get too much on the tape itself then pour glitter over those areas. Let dry. (again if you’re pressed for time and are ok with getting messy you can continue but it’s a pain)

Next comes the jewels! I found really tiny ones that I put on the letters to bedazzle “RELAX” and then more on the cap just because I like sparkle.

Once it is dry take the tape off SLOWLY! And if you need to clean it up by using a knife to make clean lines. Then spray with acrylic sealer.

NOTE: spray the sealer OUTDOORS! And if you can- plan on leaving the bottle out there. It is stinky!

The end result is  Glam Wine Bottle to give to a friend that we can both enjoy and after we’re done enjoying the wine she can have a fun glittery decoration for her room!

My girlfriend loved it and I did too! It's an awesome, easy way to personalize a gift! Although it cost a few bucks for the glitter and stick on jewels and obviously the wine, it got a great reaction and glitter is useful pretty much everywhere.  

Happy 4th, happy crafting and happy gifting!

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