Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY Glam Phone

Today's post comes courtesy of my girlfriend from work. She decided the other day that she wanted to glam up her phone and had seen my DIY Glam Wine Bottle post and asked how she could go about doing it. I explained everything she would need and told her she had to take photos every step of the way so I could post her fab phone on my blog! So here is her step by step guide to a glam phone.

1. Gather the materials: superglue, fine glitter, mod podge, a foam brush, a toothpick, gems and clear nail polish
2. Mod podge the case and sprinkle the glitter over it

3. Using the toothpick dipped in the nail polish and put superglue on the back of the gem and add them to the case

4. spray with clear protective spray and you're all done!!
I probably won't be able to post for the next two nights because I'll be in BOSTON running a 5k!! Woo! Wish me luck! And since I won't be around I want to shout out to Ashley at A to Z with Ashley for giving me a pair of shoes today that I'm TOTALLY in love with! I'll share them in my next post and probbbbably post them on my instagram tomorrow when I wear them to work! Thanks girl!

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