Monday, July 30, 2012

Color Run

Over the weekend I was in Boston visiting my girlfriend and participating in the Color Run 5k! It was awesome! The deal with it is you get sprayed with colored powder at certain spots along the course and then when you finish you get more crazy colors! Ours ended at a sports complex and there was music and food and activities. It was really fun it’s a great reason to be active and spend time with friends. Each city has different charities- ours was Homes For Our Troops! Plus if you haven’t done a 5k before it’s a great one to start with since it isn’t timed!
We also used it as an excuse to buy tutus, tiaras and crazy glasses. My 

We went in a team of 9 but there were 4 of us that ended up sticking together throughout the run and after. Here are some of the fun pictures we took!



and yes, I did get a fanny pack.

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